5 of the safest countries to visit as a solo woman


Despite the growing trend toward individual travel, women still face challenges when traveling abroad alone. But some places top the rankings when it comes to safety and equality.

Research by Norwegian Cruise Line found that one in three passengers preferred to travel alone, and that older women in particular were motivated by this trend.

According to research by the Vertuozo travel network, the largest increase in individual travel in 2022 came from women aged 65 and over. While they made up only 4% of solo travelers in 2019, they made up 18% of solo travelers in 2022.

Despite the growing trend of individual travel, women still face unique challenges when they venture outside alone. While everywhere in the world must be safe for women to travel, women still face discrimination and safety concerns around the world.


Slovenia was ranked at the top of the Women’s Peace and Security Index for Central and Eastern Europe and has made significant strides in the perception of women’s safety in recent years, with 85% of women feeling safe here, according to the index.


With 55% of its Parliament made up of women deputies, Rwanda ranks first in the world in terms of gender equality in Parliament, according to the Women’s Peace and Security Index.

It also ranks high in the index’s perception of community safety and is ranked sixth in the world in the global gender gap index, which measures a country’s equity in terms of economy, education, health care, and political participation.

United Arab Emirates

With the highest scores in the Middle East and North Africa Women’s Peace and Security Index in women’s education and financial inclusion, the United Arab Emirates remains a leader in gender equality in the region and has recently achieved gender parity in its parliament.

It is also ranked highest among all countries in the index category of community safety, with 98.5% of women aged 15 and over reporting that they “feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area in which they live.”.

In particular, Dubai has been ranked as the safest city for single travelers based on an indicator issued by the travel insurer “Secure My Journey.”.


Japan is ranked as one of the 10 safest countries in the world through the World Peace Index due to its extremely low violent crime rates and low number of external or internal conflicts. It also has a culture of women-only subway cars (during certain times and routes) and women-only accommodation that can make women traveling alone feel extra safe.


Norway ranked first in the Women’s Peace and Security Index thanks to its highest grades in the financial inclusion of women, the absence of legal discrimination, and the societal integrity of women.

It has consistently booked a place in the top 10 of the world’s list of the most gender-equitable and happiest nations. Norway has proven to be a comprehensive place for travelers of all kinds.


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