Azerbaijan: 5 amazing destinations in the heart of the Caucasus


Azerbaijan is among the best tourist destinations that many people come to, as it includes many wonderful views. Here are the most beautiful tourist places in Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the largest country of historical importance in the Caucasus region, located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, bordered by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south. Its cultural and historical heritage is wonderful, and it has its own customs and traditions.

Azerbaijan has a lot to offer such as many tourist attractions, stunning landscapes and ancient cities of great historical importance.

In the following report, we will inform you of the most beautiful tourist places in Azerbaijan, the best hotels, and the costs of tourism there:

  1. Baku

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city in the Caucasus region. Visitors enjoy the combination of the historic part of the city center and a flourish of ultra-modern skyscrapers, more than one of which is filled with LCD screens.

Its Old Town is protected by UNESCO and has a vantage point overlooking the 12th-century Maiden Tower, known as a Baku landmark.

  1. Sherry Shaher

It is the old city of Baku and is also considered an ancient fortress of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this charming city you will see true architectural masterpieces, including the ancient walls of Baku and a palace whose construction dates back to the thirteenth century.

However, the city is famous for various handicrafts such as ceramics, textiles and of course Azerbaijani carpets.

  1. Absheron National Park

The park is located at the southeastern tip of the Absheron Peninsula. The park includes a group of animals such as deer and many animals. It is home to more than 50 species of mammals and birds and 25 species of plants.

  1. Monte Beshbarmaj mountain

Five Finger Mountain is one of the famous sites in Azerbaijan. The mountain is located less than 400 meters from the city.

From this mountain you will see the most beautiful views of the Caspian Sea and the surrounding Caucasus foothills from above.

  1. Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is not a sea at all. It is actually a lake and is the largest lake in the world, with an area of ​​about 371,000 square kilometers. One of the interesting things is that the water is salty, although it is not as salty as sea water.

The Caspian Sea is undoubtedly one of the places of interest in Azerbaijan that should not be missed on any trip, as you can swim, dive, go on boat trips or just take long walks along the coast.


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