Qayar: A piece of Saudi Arabia that belongs to heaven


If you want to see a piece of paradise, visit one of the most beautiful tourist places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the village of Qayar.

A small village that may not be among the most famous spots in Saudi Arabia, but it is an unforgettable destination.

This village, which is one of the best tourist attractions in Jizan, is located about a one-hour drive from the Fayfa Mountains and a two-hour drive from Jizan.

Qayar is a residential village and an old fortress located at the top of Wadi Qayar, as the village’s name is named after the valley in the Al-Da’ir Bani Malik Governorate in the Jazan region in the far south of Saudi Arabia.

Jazan is a complete tourist destination with many historical sites, islands, beaches, mountains, and shopping centers.

Jazan or Jizan is a coastal city located in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia filled with beautiful islands open for tourists to discover.

The natural beauty of the city makes it a very popular destination for tourists, which is helped by the presence of Jazan Regional Airport, which is located 3.5 km from Jizan and is the closest airport to the city.

Jizan Airport provides many flights from several destinations, making it easy for travelers to reach Jizan.

One of the best tourist places that you can see in this beautiful destination when you decide to travel to Saudi Arabia is Al-Fursan Island, as it is a travel destination for all Saudis and expatriates who live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially on weekends.

A two-hour drive from Jizan lies the stunning Faifa Mountains, which is one of the most visited tourist places in Jizan.

These mountains are also called the neighbor of the moon because they are very high and surrounded by clouds. They are also characterized by difficult terrain and slopes. They are a group of mountains that appear as if they are one pyramidal mountain.


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