Cape Verde…islands of good taste


The Cape Verde Islands are an exceptional tourist destination and a destination for travelers with good taste, lovers of walking tours, lovers of the deep sea, and above all for fans of Morneau music.

Cape Verde is a group of islands in a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. It is famous for its diverse culture of Portuguese and African influences, traditional music and many beaches.

Located about 500 kilometers west of Senegal, these stunning islands jutting out from the Atlantic Ocean feature an enchanting mix of mountains, beaches and quiet coastal villages.

It was ranked among the best tourist destinations in 2018 according to CNN. The Cape Verde Islands are characterized by the diversity of their picturesque landscapes, from volcanic peaks to green islands.

The islands were uninhabited when Portuguese sailors arrived in 1540, but they quickly developed into a global line of exploration.

Although the islands are small in area, they contain a wonderful abundance of natural scenery, from the barren flats of Mayo to the green valleys of Santo Antago.

Given their long history of self-reliance, it was only a matter of time before the Cape Verde Islands found their way to progress and prosperity, as they have witnessed a significant increase in tourism growth rates in recent years, and today they have become a prominent landmark and an ideal tourist destination for many tourists.

In this report, we recommend the most prominent tourist destinations in Cape Verde:

Fogo.. Fire Island

Fogo Island, which translates to “Fire Island,” consists of a single, black, giant volcanic mountain. Its last eruption was in 1995, and it dominates every view other than it, and every waking moment.

Life here is not all about the movements of tectonic plates, though, and Paolo Filippi is simply one of the most attractive cities in the archipelago.

A lovely place as a base for great walking tours, pleasant drives around the eastern side of the island, and up to the small town of Mosteros, through terraced hillsides planted with Arabica coffee bushes.

Santiago and da Jar Fogo

It is the largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago, and the first where residents settled.

It includes a large group of sandy beaches, desert plains, green valleys, and inland mountainous areas, in addition to the capital, “Praia.”

All of these elements make stopping at Santiago Island something worth doing during your visit to the Cape Verde Islands.

Da Jar Fogo serves as a showroom, café and guide centre, and a starting point for informative excursions around the island.

It is also the best place to taste delicious artisanal “Fogo” coffee, and it is one of the most important places to visit for those interested in history, culture and coffee. It is run by a local artist who divides his time between “Lisbon”, “Paris” and “Fogo”.

Port of Mindelo

It is a city and port on São Vicente, an island in the volcanic Cape Verde archipelago. It is located on the northwestern shore of the island, about 560 miles (900 km) from the coast of West Africa.

This deep-water port on Porto Grande Bay is an important refueling point for transatlantic cargo shipments.

The city is famous for its music, beautiful nights and carnival celebrations influenced by Brazilian folklore.


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