A list of Spain’s main bullrings

Spain’s main bullrings
Spain’s main bullrings

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Spain and whether you agree with it or not, Spain’s main bullrings where the activity is performed still represent marvelous architectural structures that worth a visit whether to watch a game or to move around the place and enjoy it as a touristic landscape off the season.

Bullfight is known in Spanish as “corrida de toro”. It started in the country in 711 A.D. as a game performed during the coronation of King Alfonso VIII. At the beginning, bullfighting was done on horseback and was exclusive for the Spanish aristocracy, but King Felipe V who believed the sport to be too bloody for nobles to play ended the trend. The game later moved to citizens and was developed to be performed on and using smaller weapons.

The oldest bullring in Spain is located in the southern town of Ronda, but cities including Madrid, Seville and Pamplona still have some of the largest rings in the world.

While the sport grow controversial in the time being, Madrid and Andalusia continue to host bullfighting events throughout the summer. The rings are usually full of tourists and fans of the sport. The sport was outlawed in several Spanish cities including Catalonia.

Bullfighting festivals are held around the year, but major cities usually hold one event a week. Festivals usually run for one or two weeks and have games held almost every day along the festival.

The season runs from February to September and tickets prices vary according to location inside the ring. Spain’s main bullrings include:

1- Las Ventas Bullring In Madrid

2. Vista Alegre In Madrid

3. Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza In Seville

4. Ronda

5. Valencia Plaza de Toros

6. Plaza La Malagueta In Malaga

7. Bilbao

8. Pamplona

9. Ciudad Rodrigo

10. Alicante


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