Must-Try: 10 delicacies reflecting China’s rich cuisine


It is difficult to prepare a single menu featuring the “finest” Chinese dishes due to the extreme diversity of Chinese cuisine. But with a range of flavors on offer, it’s perhaps worth visiting this country with an introductory menu of staple cuisine that will give you a comprehensive culinary experience.

Here are 10 delicious dishes that will make you salivate:

Roasted goose:

Once you taste a Cantonese-style wood-roasted goose, you won’t forget the taste of it. Some restaurants use special types of wood, such as cavour wood or lychee wood, to give the bird a unique smoking taste.

Chaozhou beef balls:

The Chinese city of Chaozhou in eastern Guangdong province is known for beef, including dishes such as hot beef bowls and beef balls.

Sheng Jian Bao:

Sheng Jian Bao, is stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including meat or vegetables, and served in many shapes and sizes.

Steamed Fish:

It may seem simple, but steamed fish are a hard art to master. The duration of cooking is determined by the type and size of the fish, as well as the strength of the stove. Cantonese steamed fish are usually served alongside sweetened soy sauce and scallions.

Hot and sour soup:

The hot and sour soup bowl should be balanced for acidity (vinegar) and spices (pepper). And pieces of tofu and Chinese mushrooms. 

Mushrooms and bamboo are among the common ingredients found in this intense soup.

Mapo tofu:

Mapo tofu is unforgettable for how rich it is in salty flavors, peppers, and spices, and they all infect taste buds. This famous Sichuan dish is cooked with chopped pork or beef and tofu.

Peking duck:

This world-famous dish has had a special place on the tables of ancient Chinese emperors for several centuries. It features crispy duck skin, soft meat, radish, cucumber, green onion, and sweet bean sauce, carefully wrapped in a thin pie.

Dim sum:

Roast pork cakes, shrimp pies, and sweet custard cakes are among the most distinctive dishes to try during a toxic dim meal.

Gongbao chicken:

It is one of the most popular Chinese dishes. The Gongbao chicken dish consists of chopped chicken pieces with green onions, ginger, pepper, chili pepper, and fried peanuts.

Sweet and sour pork:

Fried pork can be a little heavy on the stomach, particularly in hot summer weather. Pieces of pineapple and sauce, made from sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce, add some freshness to crispy pork.


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