From Japan to Ethiopia: Top 10 Best Pies in the World


Pies, in all their forms and ingredients, have decorated the world’s tables for thousands of years, across all cultures and creeds.

Here are some of the finest pies around the world:

Socca, France, and Italy

These pies come from the regions of Provence in France and Liguria in Italy, where they are known as “Varenata” and are made from chickpea flour, water, olive oil, and spices.

Socca Pies are also one of the favorite street foods in cities like Nice, served in paper cones and topped with black pepper.

Soft Pies, Japan

This wonderful meal took over Instagram thanks to its structure and its soufflé-like texture, which comes from the use of egg whites added to the mixture.

These pies are decorated with anything, such as berries, fresh cream, maple syrup, and even bacon.

Crepe, France

These very thin patties were made with Brittany in northwestern France in the 13th century but have since been loved around the world.

These pies can be sweet, with fillings such as preserved fruit or chocolate, and can also be salty when stuffed with perfectly melted pork and cheese.

Buttermilk pancakes, United States

These pancakes are thick and soft, dipped in maple syrup, and often served with salted, crunchy cured meat.

American recipes for these pancakes date back to 1796 and the book “American Cookery” by Amelia Simmons.

Today, the use of buttermilk in this classic dish leads to thinner crumbs, extra softness, and a glimpse of tart flavor.

Masala Dosa, India

This Indian version of pie can reach an exceptional size.

This dish is a popular breakfast in southern India but is eaten throughout the day elsewhere.

The mixture consists of rice and fermented lentils, while the filling contains potatoes, mustard seeds, coconut, turmeric, and coriander.

Sugar and lemon pancakes, England

Traditional pancakes in England differ from those in the United States and are small and thin.

But there is no doubt that they are characterized by their own simple and elegant charm, and these traditional English pancakes are usually served with lemons and sugar.

Peking duck pancakes, China

This meal consists of classic, high-end, see-through flour pies that are used to wrap slowly cooked “Peking” ducks.

The pancakes consist of modest ingredients, namely flour, water, and salt. Cook gently in the steam basket, then place a layer of duck with spring onions, a “hoisin” sauce, or sweet bean sauce.

Ingera, Ethiopia

Although it is a yeast-free flatbread, the beloved Ethiopian “ingera,” which has a spongy texture and a slightly sour taste, has ingredients that make it pancake-like as well.

To prepare it, flour is mixed with water and what is known as the “Ersho” fermentation vaccine.

The mixture is then poured into a frying pan or onto a traditional circular tray called a “metad,” ensuring a smooth bottom side, an ideal porous surface for rooms, and absorbing sauces and other flavors.

Kimchi Pie, Korea

One of the world’s most savory salty pies comes from Korea, and the combination of hot, hot, and crispy ingredients will make you come back for more.

“Kimchi” is a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented vegetables with flour, eggs, and other ingredients for making dough.

Once the mixture is placed in the pan, the unique flavors are limited to a hot, crispy pie.

Cachapas, Venezuela

You can find cheese-filled sorghum pies in Venezuela, and this dish is known as “cachapas.”

The use of fresh or frozen corn for the mixture provides sweetness, while fresh cheese and butter form a delicious filling that cannot be resisted.


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