The Road to Heaven: India’s Enchanting Spot


Have you ever heard of “the road to heaven”? It really is a name of its own, and you will definitely add it to your list of destinations in your lifetime.

In India, you will enjoy a magical and imaginative experience when driving on the Dholavira Highway.

You will see the captivating marshes of the Rann of Kutch wherever you look, offering stunning views of crystal clear waters, sparkling salt pans, and endless blue skies.

The white salt water on both sides of the road makes it unique, it is pure, beautiful and very clean. When driving on this longitudinal road, you may not need to press the car brakes.

Perhaps this is where it was also called “infinity,” as it extends for a distance of 30 kilometers. You can save time when traveling via it between the cities of Bhuj and Dholavira in India.

There are many tourist attractions that you will see along the way. So, you will never get bored.

According to the Indian Panorama website, the archaeological site of the Indus Valley Civilization Harappa in Dholavira is among the landmarks that cannot be missed.


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