The top 5 coastal destinations around the world


Tourists choose coastal destinations in order to relax in a natural climate that is comfortable for the nerves after working hard for many months.

Families prefer this type of tourism because it is suitable for children and allows them multiple physical activities.

Most coastal countries try to attract tourists by offering qualitative advantages such as good weather, soft sand, and children’s amusement parks, but tourists are always looking for the integration of tourism services in the tourist sites they choose, the cleanliness of the coastal environment of sea water and beaches, and the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

There are dozens of classifications of the best coastal sites in the world, and they change depending on the source and from year to year.

In the era of open communications, the importance of tourists getting the services they expect and being treated as a valued guest at tourist sites becomes clear. Because what he records on the Internet later may have repercussions on the tourist site in the future, whether negatively or positively.

After a quick tour of what has changed over the past year, we choose five coastal tourist destinations that are considered among the best this year, and they are destinations that will witness increased tourist demand this season, thanks to their distinction from more than one tourist evaluation source.

Cote d’Azur, southern France

This beach is perhaps the most famous tourist in the world; In the past, it attracted many stars and celebrities.

It provides an entertainment atmosphere that may not be available in any other location.

On the one hand, it enjoys azure beaches with clear waters, and is surrounded by many French coastal cities where all tourist services are available, especially restaurants that serve delicious French meals.

It is also a location close to Monte Carlo, which allows you to visit it and spend a day there. The Cannes Film Festival is also held annually in the region, which attracts movie stars from around the world.

Trips can be made to historical cities near the coast, in addition to the opportunities offered by the French countryside for exploration that are rarely available in other tourist sites.

Luxury yachts are spread on the coasts, and the wealthy come to spend an enchanting time on the beach, while the rest of the tourists are content with wandering around the marina and watching the yachts from the outside.

Some people enjoy the hobby of spotting the stars and celebrities who come to visit the region during the peak season between May and August.


Florida needs at least two weeks to explore some of what it has to offer tourists. It enjoys warm weather in winter, and many distinct coastlines, whether on the Atlantic coast or the Gulf of Mexico.

There are also some islands near the coast where you can spend days. Florida’s coast extends for many miles; Therefore, uncrowded beaches can be found throughout the months of the year, even in peak seasons.

For children, you can add a visit to Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center. There are also dozens of parks, thousands of restaurants, and hotel services that include swimming pools and air conditioning for the rooms.


The Bahamas is a distinguished tourist destination with its coastlines and the luxurious services it provides to elite tourists. It provides tourists with some of the best beaches in the world, and seas with a diverse and sustainable marine environment.

It also offers Caribbean food and opportunities for quiet relaxation on the beach or enjoying the hustle and bustle of tourist clubs at night.

The Bahamas receives tourists throughout the year, and there are many festivals that are held periodically in summer and winter. In addition to the beaches, there are many marine sports available to tourists in the Bahamas, such as boating, diving, and watching marine life from glass-bottomed ships.

Phuket, Thailand

It is the largest island in Thailand and is located in the south of the country. It has the greatest reputation for encouraging tourism to the country. It offers charming beaches, and is loved by many tourists who return year after year.

It is characterized by the clarity of the sea water and the presence of many marine life near the beaches that can be viewed by diving or from glass-bottomed boats.

The island is surrounded by another group of 32 small islands. Patong Beach is the most famous tourist beach on the island, and it is located in the center of the island on the western side of it.

It is an easy-to-access beach that extends over long distances, and is considered the number one tourist attraction on the island.

Cancun, Mexico

It is an attractive area for tourists, especially from America, and provides them with multiple accommodation opportunities in villas or luxury coastal resorts. Cancun has stunning tropical coastlines.

It is also a historical area, and some features of ancient civilizations such as the Maya civilization can be explored. It also has tropical lakes with still water and suitable for swimming away from sea currents.

It also has many forests, waterfalls and swamps that tourists can explore.

Cancun is located on the Caribbean Sea on the eastern edge of Mexico in an area known as the Riviera Maya, and the region’s tourism development began in 1970. Investors were not enthusiastic about spending on an unknown tourist area, so the Mexican government was forced to finance the first nine hotels in the region.


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