Kazakhstan: The ideal choice for a tourist trip


Kazakhstan is an Asian state that enjoys spectacular nature. Nature has a multitude of forests, mountains, and lakes. This is why it is an ideal choice for a tourist trip, and there are many tourist places worth visiting.

The following is a report on tourism in Kazakhstan.

Nature in Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan is characterized by its distinct location between the continents of Asia and Europe, as well as its most beautiful natural places. This biodiversity includes more than 25 natural parks and types of steppes and deserts, whether sand, salty, or clay, northern Taiga forests, and snowy peaks.

Kazakhstan contains one of the world’s largest lakes, Belkhash Lake, as well as the Karagi Depression, which is the second-lowest land area in the world and is 132 meters below sea level.

The Altai mountain range, the Karkarala Mountain Forest, many slopes, and many rivers make Kazakhstan a tourist attraction for all the world’s nations.

Tourist places in Kazakhstan:


Taraz City has many wonderful tourist places and has many shrines with ancient architecture, such as Babaji Khatun Shrine, and museums, such as Taraz Museum. The city is one of the largest cities in Kazakhstan and enjoys picturesque nature.


Situated in south-east Kazakhstan between mountains and plains and regarded as one of the ancient cities and as the capital, it features many ancient wooden churches, theaters, and art galleries, with wide streets, gardens, and spectacular mountain views.


It is a group of nature reserves located in northern Kazakhstan, including the Naurzum National Reserve and the Korgalzhyn Reserve, which span an area of 450 thousand square meters and include a large number of rare and endangered migratory waterfowl.

The Central Asian steppe also includes an area of 200 thousand square meters and includes fresh lakes and salty lakes located on the boundary between rivers pouring from the north to the Aral Erich Basin in the south.


A city located 15 kilometers from Almaty and 1700 meters above sea level, it is the world’s largest ski arena, with an ice court accommodating about 30 thousand spectators from around the world.


Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan and has many tourist places to visit, including:

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center:

One of Kazakhstan’s distinctively geometrically distinctive entertainment venues is in the form of a large, giant, transparent tent with a height of 150 meters on an area of 140 thousand square meters.

The center has golf courses, toys, an indoor garden, spacious plazas and streets that can be roamed, as well as shops, cafes, and restaurants. The center also features an aquatic children’s games area surrounded by industrial white sands.

Baiterek tower:

One of Astana’s famous tourist attractions is a monument with a tower length of 105 meters. The tower has a souvenir cafe and shop, and you can go up the tower to see the sights of the city and scenery, notably that Payterick means, in Kazakh, the tree of life.

Nur Astana Mosque:

One of the most famous mosques in Astana is the unique architecture and mosque in white, and there are pieces of gold, making it one of the most beautiful mosques in Kazakhstan.

Atyrau Bridge:

The Atyrau Bridge is located on the Ysale River, which is one of the most important attractions in Astana and is a distinctive architectural masterpiece. It contains many trails for bicycles, and you have to enjoy a special time over the bridge and take photographs.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation:

One of Astana’s renowned religious centers is the World Center for Religious Tolerance. The palace has many tourist attractions and a 1,500-capacity opera house.


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