Tuscany: The hidden gem of Italy


Tuscany, a unique state of Italy, is a vivid example of the country’s natural beauty, with green plains, mountains, and charming beaches on the Mediterranean coast. The spectacular landscape makes it an ideal destination for travelers looking to roam nature.

Besides, Tuscany has a rich, centuries-long cultural history and is home to many famous artists and writers, including Leonardo da Vinci and Dante Alighieri.

Delicious Italian cuisine such as pasta, aranchini, grilled meat dishes, olives, and fine wines produced in Tuscany can also be enjoyed. Here is a tour of Tuscany’s tourist details:


Usually starting to visit Tuscany from its capital, Florence, it is the most wonderful city in the region, with a lot of medieval buildings and a beautiful Renaissance age that is worth seeing. Once in town, Diemo’s high-rise visit or the Uffizi Gallery, two wonderful areas of Florence, cannot be missed.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This wonderful edifice is a place to visit. While it is recommended to pre-confirm existing bookings so that tourists can avoid crowds and endless crowds at the entrance.

del Campo Square in Siena

This large square is known for hosting a popular horse race held twice a year, on July 2 and August 16 of the same year.

The Square is one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful medieval squares. Once there, you can climb to the top of Touré del Mangia to enjoy the view of the square and the city from above.

Elba Island

There is a belief that the only islands worth seeing in Italy are Sicily and Sardinia, but this is far from accurate, and just two hours away by ferry from the city of Livorno, Elba is easily accessible.

It is Italy’s third-largest island, known for its beautiful beaches and lots of things to see and do. It is necessary to know that the island was the headquarters of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile in 1814. The homes where he lived, located in the towns of Portoferrayo and San Martino, are among the most popular tourist attractions on the entire island.

Lucca City

A beautiful city is also visible in Tuscany, which is just a short flight from Pisa. Lucca City is not a privileged tourist destination like Florence, Pisa, or Siena, but it is perfectly worth a visit.

San Vincenzo Beach

Tuscany has a lot of great beaches. But if the search for places is really beautiful, it’s best to avoid the most popular sites, such as Viaregio, and go to San Vincenzo instead. Located in the Marima area, this sandy beach is one of the most beautiful in the territory.

Giglio Island

It is a small island located in the Tuscany archipelago. But, surprisingly, he hesitates to tell Giglio, who is only familiar with it. It is a tourist destination full of romantic locations, hidden beaches, and clear, clean water.

The White Whale

It is no secret that the region of Tuscany is filled with a list of amazing spots to visit. The pools of the White Whale are easily at the top of that list. This big calcium formation with a waterfall is not only beautiful to look at, but even better to experience by bathing in its warm waters. They can reach up to 48 °C, so they are perfect for bathing either in the fall or winter.


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