Yemen’s hidden gem: The Wonder Land of Socotra


With its exceptional location and unique nature, Yemen’s Socotra Island is a dreamy destination for adventure enthusiasts and photography buffs.

Socotra Archipelago

It is located in the northwest Indian Ocean, near the Gulf of Aden, and spans an area of 250 kilometers.

It is an exceptional location in terms of the great diversity of its plants and the proportion of endemic species, according to the official website of UNESCO.

The site explained that 73% of plant species, 90% of reptile species, and 59% of wild spiral species on Socotra Island are not found in any other region of the world.

The marine life of Socotra is highly diverse, with 352 coral reefs, 730 coastal fish, 300 sea crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.

Brothers’ blood tree

The brothers’ blood tree is one of the rarest endemic trees and plants on the island of Socotra, coupled with the name of the tree with the name of the island for its fame and significance from ancient times.

The brothers’ blood tree is characterized by its unique parachute-like shape and is located in the first place on the mountain highlands of Socotra Island.

According to the official website of the National Information Centre of Yemen, these unique trees are between 6 and 9 meters high.

Many legendary tales have been woven around the brothers’ blood tree, most notably that they originated from the blood of the Abel and Gable brothers, when the first historically known murder occurred, the blood from which this tree originated, and another tale that the tree grew from the clotted blood of a dragon and an elephant as they struggled to death.

Vast areas of crisp white color

White sand dunes appear on the island of Socotra, several kilometers high, with high winds on the island between May and October carrying sand from Africa, and these wonders blow up on the island.

Indeed, the island has a glamorous view of the sky, with a striking contrast between its white sand and its turquoise-colored beach.

If you don’t know how to visit the island, you can communicate with a local travel agency located in Socotra.


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