From Rome to Dubai: the most prominent new hotels in 2024


Many people during this period begin to think about their future trips during the year 2024. Will they repeat their old favorite trips? Or try somewhere new?

This list may help you with that, as it highlights hotels opening in 2024, with new ideas for an exciting experience:

1- Kibale Lodge, Uganda

Volcanoes Safaris has been known for its world-class eco-lodges in Uganda and Rwanda for over two decades.

This new property in Kibale National Park is ideal for chimpanzee lovers, and the park includes a community of more than a thousand chimpanzees.

Meanwhile, the lodge will span a 150-acre site with views of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Queen Elizabeth Plains and the Kazinga Channel, beloved of hippos, linking to Lakes Edward and Lake George.

Hostel prices start at $1,200 per person, and the package includes three main meals, plus alcoholic beverages, laundry service, activities, and spa treatments.

2- Anantara Mina Al Arab Resort, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

January will see the opening of this resort in the Gulf.

Although it is less than an hour away from Dubai, you will feel that it is far away.

Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate on the border with the Sultanate of Oman, focuses on nature tourism and adventures, as its visitors are distributed among the mountains, desert, and beaches.

This property is located on Mina Al Arab Island.

Despite its proximity to urban areas, it is located on a mangrove lagoon, surrounded by protected wetlands where turtles, dolphins and flamingos frolic.

Prices start at $525.

3-One & Only Zabeel in Dubai, UAE

It is difficult to be unique in a city like Dubai.

The city’s third One&Only resort, which opened on January 5, has managed to do just that with no fewer than six Michelin-starred chefs working across 11 restaurants and the longest infinity pool in the UAE.

The “vertical urban resort” is part of the “One Zabeel” project, and consists of two twin towers connected by a glass walkway at a height of 320 feet (almost one hundred meters) above the ground.

Prices start at $470.

4- Voaara on Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar

What could be more sedate than Madagascar? The answer is an island off Madagascar itself.

St Mary’s Island will be home to this small resort of 8 cottages and villas (the number is expected to grow to a maximum of 45 over time).

You will taste luxury while barefoot in this place, as the living room in the villa, for example, is open to the elements of nature, and you will also remain surrounded by nature throughout the resort, and creatures such as humpback whales that migrate along the coast between June and October. .

Prices start at $495.

5- Romeo Roma, Italy

The Romeo Roma Hotel, which will open in the spring, is one of the last projects of architect Zaha Hadid before her death in 2016.

The hotel is located next to Piazza del Popolo in Rome, in a palace dating back to the 17th century, and will combine Hadid’s distinctive touches, such as flowing stairs, with original frescoes, and plenty of Italian marble.


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