Germany’s enchanting black forest, not a cake

Germany’s enchanting black forest, not a cake
Germany’s enchanting black forest, not a cake

Germany’s enchanting black forest has earned its name thanks to pine trees and dark green leaves densely-covering its lands.

The forest lies in southwestern Germany and is one of Europe’s most visited regions in Europe.

The forest hosts numerous hills, rivers and hills forest and extends upon 160 kilometers within Baden-Württemberg state. It is a rural region that 60% of it is covered in forests that has valleys beautifully craved by the rivers and creeks.There are numerous tourist-friendly towns within the Black Forest that host hotels and houses for tourists to stay in.

Hiking is the most popular exploring activity in the black forest in addition to cycling and motorcycling but make sure to get a map from a tourist office first.

The black forest of Germany has the highest German mountain outside the Alps called Feldberg that is at the height of 1493 meters offering a wide charming panoramic view.

The forest also hosts Triberg Falls that is considered to be one of the highest waterfalls in Germany with a descent of 163 meters.

Charming towns include Freiburg that is called the jewel of the black forest and Baden-Baden that is known to be a world famous spa town.

The closest airports to use to get your back forest adventure started are :Karlsruhe and Strasbourg (France), Basel (Switzerland/France), Stuttgart, Zurich (Switzerland), or Frankfurt in Germany. You can then take the train or hire a car to take you to the chosen town.


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