It’s not just the kabsa.. The most famous dishes in different Saudi cities


Saudi cuisine contains many famous and delicious dishes, and not as many believe that the kabsa is the dominant one in Saudi cuisine, but there are many dishes, and in this report we monitor the most important dishes in Saudi Arabia.


It is one of the most famous Saudi dishes, and it occupies a special place among the tables of Saudi Arabia, as it has become served in fast food restaurants in several the old days, kabsa is cooked with lamb meat, and recently, as a kind of change, it is cooked with chicken, fish or shrimp.


The most important and famous dishes in the Hijaz and Taif regions, namely white rice kabsa with lamb or chicken, rice, milk, tomato paste, spices of cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom, coriander and butter


Hanini sweets are made from dates, flour and butter, cardamom and saffron are added to it, and Hanini contains calories useful for fasting in Ramadan because it contains dates that supply and compensate the fasting with sugars.


It consists of wheat stuffed with date molasses, added with cardamom and saffron, and molasses can be replaced with toffee, and kneaded and cut the klija in various shapes.

Fish machboos

It is one of the best Saudi and Gulf dishes, and it is prepared from fish, rice, a mixture of cinnamon spices, black pepper and saffron.


A dish that is famous for most of the regions of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Yemen and Asir, and is eaten with rice or red Khmer corn bread and often served with Hanid for breakfast.


A popular Saudi dish, especially in the Najd region, consisting of dough and meat, served with gravy and vegetables.


It is famous for Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine. In Saudi Arabia, the Najd region is famous for it, and it is prepared from crushed hard wheat called crushed luqimi added to meat broth, black pepper, cumin and onions.


A popular dish is Najdi, prepared from flour from ground wheat, which is kneaded with water and salt until it becomes a soft dough, then covered and set aside for half an hour, after that it is baked on a large sheet or which is known as a pinch on a strong fire and the dough is scooped and poured on the sheet in the form of large and thin tablets until maturity on two sides.


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