Nor in fiction.. The best beaches in the Maldives “forget about the world there”


The Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as its 1240 islands are surrounded by clear blue waters, amazing golden sandy beaches, and on top of all, its climate is also mild most months of the year.

The tropical islands are also a suitable destination for tourists looking for a romantic time, as there are resorts, hotels and cottages that can be rented to spend a wonderful time. This country is also characterized by its low prices, as anyone can spend an amazing time on a simple budget.

In this report, we monitor the most important beaches of the Maldives:

Maalefushi island

Malefushi is a small coral island compared to the rest of the atolls, with charming views, picturesque beaches and clear waters with a calm wave, suitable for practicing all sports activities, especially swimming, surfing or even snorkeling. It is here that Seekers of solitude in the heart of nature organize most of the holidays, where tranquility and rest away from the bustle of the city.

Milaidhoo island

Milaidhoo island is one of the natural islands of Baa Atoll, which extends over a small area compared to the rest of the islands of the region.

It is a small private island with white sandy beaches, blue waters and palm trees that provide a luxurious tourist atmosphere, where luxurious resorts and services are at the highest level. This island is characterized by tranquility, natural beauty and a characteristic tropical atmosphere.

Artificial Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful places for swimming and hiking, it is a lively beach, located near one of the busy streets full of shops, and its location close to most hotels in the city makes it the ideal beach for tourists, it is also suitable for families, its shallow waters allow visitors to bring their children to swim and enjoy without hesitation, in addition to lifeguards who are in the area throughout the day, making it a safe and beautiful place that tourists and locals constantly go to spend time full of fun and fun.

Cocoa Island

Located in the south of the Male Atoll, Cocoa Island is home to the luxury resort of Kumu. The island, which is also known as makonovushi, is famous for its white sand beaches and clear water.

The living coral reefs of the island are the best place for those looking for an exceptional diving experience. The privacy that the beaches of Cocoa Island offer to the guests of Como also makes it one of the most attractive sites for tourists looking for relaxation and tranquility.


The pristine beaches of the island of Paros, surrounded by crystal clear waters and characteristic coral reefs, add an imaginary dimension to the unparalleled views. To live a pleasant experience on the quiet beaches of Baros, you can stay at the only Baros Maldives resort on this private island.

This resort offers unforgettable romantic times by organizing a romantic candlelit dinner on the soft sand.

Veligandu Island

Soft sand, villas floating above the water await you on this island. The beach here is open only to guests of villegando Island Resort and Spa, which is an adult-only accommodation.

In addition, it is spacious enough so that every hotel guest feels like he is alone on the beach. The resort is distinguished by its luxurious thatched-roof suites. With coral reefs in abundance, the island is an ideal place to dive and enjoy the beautiful colors of the water.

Ukulhas Island

It is part of the Alef Alef atoll atoll, Ukulhas has pristine beaches that are cleaned frequently to encourage tourism and combat pollution.

There are distinctive resorts on the island, most of which are located a short distance from the beach. The White Beach is a major attraction on the island, as it stretches for one kilometer and is lined with beach chairs and umbrellas.


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