The 6 most beautiful tourist cities in Lebanon for an unforgettable visit


Lebanon has been a cultural and economic center since ancient times and a strategic point in the Middle Ages.

Lebanon has many natural tourist attractions, including amazing history, picturesque beaches, plains, valleys, and many tourist attractions that tourists come to from everywhere. It also has many great archaeological sites.

Lebanon is located in the Middle East region, west of the continent of Asia. It is bordered to the north by Syria, to the south it is bordered by Palestine, and to the west and east it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. From here, we take you on a quick trip with the most important tourist cities in Lebanon.

Here are the most important tourist cities in Lebanon:

  1. Beirut

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon with an area of ​​only about 20 square kilometers and has a large number of tourist attractions.

Beirut is called the “Paris of the Middle East” and was part of France and maintained European views on life at the same time as it is the colorful capital and everything with its wonderful Arabic tradition.

  1. Baalbek Archaeological Site

The city of Baalbek is located 80 kilometers from the city of Beirut. It was inhabited even before our era, and its temples were built and rebuilt 2000 years ago.

Their creation is attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations or to the heroes of biblical tales, such buildings of amazing sizes and construction. The most interesting for tourists are the terraces of blocks weighing up to 1000 tons.

  1. Byblos Archaeological Site

The city of “Jbiel” has been an important religious and commercial center over the years. This city includes many ancient churches, a Roman theatre, an archaeological complex and a fortress.

In this city you can feel the atmosphere of one of the oldest cities in the world amidst a mixture of traditions and cultures.

  1. Anjar city

The city is 58 km away from Beirut. It is assumed that the ancient Italian city of Halcis once stood on the site of Angara, but the city itself has not been found.

But archaeologists have discovered the remains of a magnificent palace complex whose ruins and surroundings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Modern Anjar was founded in 1939 and is now inhabited by about 2,400 people.

  1. Sidon

Sidon is a city in southern Lebanon, halfway between Tires and Beirut, a half-hour drive from both cities. This city overlooks the sea and was an important port.

Sidon contains an ancient maze of narrow streets, shops, mosques and charming squares, and it also has a crowded market with cheap and used goods.

The city preserves a castle in the middle of the sea from the time of the Crusades, so do not miss visiting this beautiful city, which is one of the most important tourist cities in Lebanon.

  1. Batroun

The city of Batroun is located in northern Lebanon, about 15 km north of Jbeil.

The city includes some ancient monuments, such as a Phoenician wall in the middle of the sea, in a scene worth visiting. It also has a number of cathedrals and a port.


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