5 Things you must know before traveling to China

5 Things you must know before traveling to China
5 Things you must know before traveling to China

Travelling to China is actually one of the richest experiences you may ever live. The culture, people and the food are only the start. Learning few Chinese words and setting a trip program are obvious but there are also few essential information that you must know before traveling to China.

1. China only recognizes its currency. The US dollar is usually popular and usable in several spots across the globe but in China the deal is different. The official currency is the yuanand it is the only accepted currency, not US dollar or Hong Kong dollar.

Chinese banks also mayn’t accept foreign cards but larger chains of international banks allows withdrawals in local currency from foreign bank accounts.

2. Visa isn’t granted on the spot. China doesn’t offer visas on arrival so you must get your visa in advance. Applying for tourist visa in China requires either an invitation letter from a Chinese friend or relative, or providing a detailed itinerary of your trip that includes return flights and confirmed reservations for your hotel bookings.

3. Bottled water is preferred. Tap water isn’t drinkable in most parts of China. Bottled water can be purchased in most stores across the country.

4. Bathroom experience can be tricky. Most Chinese toilets aren’t provided with toilet paper or hand soap. Only hotels and some restaurants do, so it is a good idea to carry toilet paper or tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

5. Your favorite websites mayn’t be accessible in China. The internet in China is mostly a closed system not a world wide web. Popular foreign websites and apps such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are blocked or can’t be used because of download restrictions.


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