Top 10 activities to do in South Sinai, Egypt

ras shitan - South Sinai
ras shitan - South Sinai

If you are planning to visit South Sinai soon or you are travel there a lot, you have to prepare your checklist with these activities on it:

1-Diving in the “Blue hole”:

blue holde diving
blue holde diving

Blue hole in Dahab is one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world, it is also called “Mecca of divers” because divers came from all over the world to dive there.

2-Camping in “Abu Galum” protected area:

abu galom
abu galom

Abu Galoum’s protected area is located 30 minutes away from Dahab. There are three ways for going there from the blue hole; either by a speed boat, on the back of a camel or having a one-hour walk.

Camping there is one of the best things you can do in your whole life, simply because it’s the pure meaning of nature; just you, the Red Sea, the mountains and the sky with millions of stars.

3-Climbing Moses Mountain and visiting St. Catherine’s Monastery:

moses mountain
moses mountain

Moses Mountain lies in the middle of Sinai, just one hour from both Dahaband Abu Redis city. Climbing the mountain and seeing the sunrise from the top of it is one of the most amazing adventures and challenges you will ever live. After you arrive at the top following a three-hour hike, you will find unique small church and mosque. It’s a great experience that you have to try.

After you get down, you should also pay a visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery.

4-Get lost in the time in “Ras Shitan”:

ras shitan
ras shitan

RasShitan is a small city between Taba and Nuweiba,it’s the exact meaning of the pure landscape; the whole place is full of camps and huts located directly in front of the sea the thing that will make you live a different experience in a different place.

5- Pharos Sulfuric Wells:

The sulfuric wells in Sinai are one of the special places that help to heal from many diseases.

6-Have your Bedouin dinner in Abu Redis or El Tor:

El Tor Mountain with their paintings is a unique experience of its own, and to complement the beauty of the mountains, you should try having a Bedouin dinner and a party in the heart of the mountain.

7-Visit Fiord Bay, the most beautiful bay in Nuweiba:

fioard bay
fioard bay

It’s always hard to describe the gulf in words, so just enjoy the beauty of the place.

8-Live in Dahab:

Dahab - South Sinai
Dahab – South Sinai

Simply thinking of Dahab gives you a sense of comfort and connects your soul with beauty.

Dahab is called “the paradise on earth”, you need to spend a part of your lifetime there, even only one week.

9- Weshwash:

Always after it rains in Egypt, a lot of problems happen, but this valley is totally different because after the rain, water creates one of the most amazing harmonies between the mountains and the valley.

10- The night life in Sharm El Sheikh:

The night life in Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous experiences in the Middle East. A lot of people come just to attend parties and follow their singers or famous DJs there, don’t miss it.


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