Eating customs and etiquette to know before visiting India

before visiting India
Eating customs and etiquette

Before visiting India, there are lots of things to know especially concerning dining customs in the Indian culture.

India is widely known for its delicious foods, spices and herbs. Indian food in itself is a worthy adventure to experience.

And whilst indulging yourself with the tasty mouthwatering dishes, don’t forget to pay respect to Indian eating traditions and make yourself home.

1- In some Indian restaurants men and women may be asked to sit separately. Don’t be taken aback if you and your company were asked to sit apart.

2- Don’t waste food they are not fans of that in India. If you aren’t quite sure if you love the Indian cuisine don’t order too much food.

3- The Indian cuisine includes many several types of food that you can eat using solely your hands, feel free to do so. Some restaurants don’t offer utensils. You still can ask for spoon, knife and fork.

4- As you may be eating using your hands, you mayn’t need tissues and that’s why many restaurants mayn’t serve them.

You will find them some star-rated restaurants. Also feel free to ask for them and as a precautionary measure keep some with you.

5- Eating with hands also has its rules. Eat with your right hand as it more respected and accepted rather than eating with your left hand. Do it neatly using the finger tips.

6- Smoking is permitted in some restaurants across the country, but try not to smoke before finishing your meal.

7- If you get close to some locals who would like to invite you for a home meal accept it. It is an honor and some consider it impolite to turn an invitation down.


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