Top tips for a safe ride with your dog

Top tips for a safe ride with your dog
Top tips for a safe ride with your dog

Rides are usually the most enjoyable trips and moving around with your dog on your trips will make you both happy. Check the following top tips for a safe ride with your dog to make sure that it is a safe and happy experience for both of you.

If your dog isn’t used to car rides let him sit in the car not moving first, then go for short trial rides with him to see how he responds. If he isn’t used to long ones train him by taking him on quite long ones before your trip.

Allow your dog to travel on empty stomach to avoid car sickness but keep him hydrated at all times.

Keep your dog’s head and paws inside as sticking them out of the window may cause ear damage or expose him to lung infections or eye injuries.

Never put your dog in the back of an open truck. It is extremely unsafe and can lead to severe injuries.

Never leave your dog alone in a closed vehicle especially in summer when temperature gets high. Even if the windows are open, give it a second thought.

Buckle up your dog as keeping pets freely wonderingin the car isn’t only a distraction for the driver but also increases the chances of them getting hurt in the event of an accident. Other options include pet barrier, pet seat belt, pet car seat or travel crate.

Dog owners are advised to stop frequently the pet to use the bathroom and get some exercise.

Consider using a crate or carrier. They must be ventilated and large enough for the dog to stand without hitting his head.Don’t forget to secure the crate so it will not slide or shift in the event of a sudden stop.


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