Tips for choosing a hotel when accompanying your dog

Tips for choosing a hotel when accompanying your dog
Tips for choosing a hotel when accompanying your dog

Making your dog happy is a must since you decided to accompany him on your trip. And choosing the comfy stay for him is as important. After you decided on your destination and hotel, make sure you follow the following tips for choosing a hotel when accompanying your dog and how to manage.

First, do some research. It is useful to make sure that the hotel you chose allows dogs and to be aware of any restrictions. Do more search to know if they provide food and suggest activities for your pet.

Do not leave the dog unattended especially that you are at a strange place to him. Many dogs will bark or destroy property if left alone in a strange place.

Enter your room prior to your dog and don’t let him wander around or he’ll assume control of the situation. Initiate activity when you are ready and finished unpacking and showering. It’s also important that your scent is everywhere before the dog settles in.

Make sure you’re vigilant wherever you go with your dog since being away from home means lots of new sights, smells, sounds, and potential food items for your dog.

Make sure to bring your dog favorite toy or blanket, technically anything that can make him feel home and help make him comfortable when irritated.

In case you need it, keep lavender oil to sooth your dog whenever needed. Rub a little lavender oil between your hands and give your pet a deep issue massage at the beginning of spine or base of head.

Make most of the time to enjoy the trip with your dog and remember that it takes only one bad experience with a dog guest for the hotel to refuse to allow any dogs.


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